Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Today was my naked people class. My favourite model was working today. He's an older gentleman who is is top physical form. His muscles are quite defined and he holds a pose well without complaint.

It's no secret that I find drawing from live models extremely difficult. Usually I'm pretty much burnt out by the end of the morning. Today though, I could have kept on going. Not that I found it any easier, just that my focus was a bit better once I got into it. Maybe in part the weather was a help as well. It's warming up and the vendors are back out along the market selling their goods. They're about the only ones left with jobs in this city. I wonder what I could sell on the street;-)

There was a feeling of sadness looking down the street towards the AChannel media building. They let 30 people go yesterday and canceled the 6pm and 11pm news casts. I hear that the CBC may be next. More Nortel employees were let go again this week. Are there any actually left working for the company? I only know of a small few. That is if they haven't been let go in the last few hours;-)

Tax bills came out this week. Apparently we can afford the increase and want to spend it on frivilous things such as footbridges and expensive transit expansions. The road repairs, toxic waste and sewage spilling into the river (our drinking water source) aren't all that important.

I would like to personally pay for a ticket for my council member, Alex Cullen, to go to the moon. One way. Since he thinks an increase in taxes is a good idea during difficult times, maybe he would like to pay mine. You know.....I think I'm going to just send him an e-mail telling him just that.


richgold said...

I'm wondering what happened to the "zero means zero" policy that our Mayor got voted in on.

I guess he's using a different dictionary. I don't ever want to go on a date with him! What would "no" mean?

Kurt said...

Why doesn't your King do something about this!?

bella rum said...

I email my council members. I don't know if it does any good, but I've heard it said that one letter represents the way a lot of people think.