Thursday, 5 March 2009

Well I sent a kindly worded comment through the home page of the local city councillor for this ward, Alex Cullen. If you want to tell him anything here's his page:

Maybe you can let this person know that he needs to tone it down during these tough times when people are struggling. Footbridges and atheistic signage aren't worth discussion time with the current state of the economy. Fix roads, water, sewers and garbage pick up, keeping your nose out of where it doesn't belong. Find ways to lower taxes not increase them.

A funny story about Mr. P's cousin. He is a dead ringer for Mayor Larry. When he gets into a cab they greet his as Mr. Mayor. He was in a bar when two city employees walked in. They quickly turned and left and went to change out of their uniforms before returning. They later introduced themselves and said they did indeed think he was the mayor and didn't want to get caught in the place during working hours by him. Although I don't wish that I looked like the mayor I think that if I did I would use it to my advantage to get stuff done in this city. How cool would that be!

Mr. John Baird our local MP sent out more mail yet again today asking for comments. Funny thing is that I know of someone trying to get 5 minutes with him for about a month now and he doesn't have the time to spare. He's much to important to deal with the constituents directly. A busy guy like that can't talk to everyone who wants to speak with him. Mail him instead. I'm sure the letter box is right over the garbage can where he receives all his suggestions and comments.

After literally years of convincing people that they need to get out and vote if they want to see change I have decided that the people who don't vote are right after all. I'm done with voting. I will make an exception however for the local city politics. I want Alex Cullen out so bad I'll vote for my garbage can if it will boot his ass to the curb. I hope he runs for mayor as the rumours suggest. Then I hope he loses big time.


Kurt said...

Please reprint your kindly worded comment.

Anonymous said...

LOL about Mr. P's cousin.


bella rum said...

"Fix roads, water, sewers and garbage pick up, keeping your nose out of where it doesn't belong."

Yes, it's time to return to the basics, isn't it?

The last day of my mayor's term is June 30, 2010. I have it on my calendar. I will definitely be voting in that election.