Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What should I do next? I have many wonderful photos but none that jump out at me. Not that much would get done during March break anyways. I like to have at least one on the go.

I attended another coloured pencil workshop at Allison Fagan's studio. It was an open studio workshop of sorts. I got pointers on completing the water on the girl on the beach painting. There is always that one I guess.

2 of 4 is currently enrolled at the OSA. She is loving taking full time art classes. She finds it tougher than school but more rewarding too!

I went to pick 2 of 4 up yesterday at the end of the day. I went into the classroom and was looking at the conte drawings pinned to the wall. I scanned through them all trying to pick out the one I believed to be hers based on her style. I choose one, but my eye was drawn back continually to one other one. I was thinking to myself that the kid that drew that did an amazing job. It was an impressive and complex work. Beautifully done. Why the heck can't my kid draw like that!!!;-) Turns out IT was hers. I wouldn't have guessed it. I was impressed. She's come a long way in just a day.

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Serena said...

I really like this relaxed beach piece....it will look lovely when finished.

How proud you must be of your daughter.