Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bad Art Day

Adventurer has told me in the past to keep making art. Even if it has to be bad art. If it's a bad art day keep doing it anyways and get through it so you can start making good art again. Today was one of those difficult art days.

I went to my "Expressive Figure Drawing" class. It's the last one this session. The model was an hour late, but the time was spent productively viewing an art show in the schools gallery of whom my instructor was the feature artist. When the model arrived the work proceeded and although I was making positive progress, my frustration level was high and for the first time ever, I packed up and left the class early. Why was I frustrated? Why was my charcoal not doing what I wanted? Who knows. I think it just would have been one of those days regardless of what I was doing. The art wasn't going much better at home. I was afraid my bad art day would spill onto my current painting and potentially do irreparable damage. I put it aside with my temper and did laundry instead.

Just as Grandma C promised the nice weather is on the way from her part of the country, I just know the good art days are too! I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm suffering from a Vitamin D deficeincy much like many others around me. And no, not the kind you can get from a pill.


BONNIE K said...

I think some days just have to be written off as bad days and you focus on the next day as being a new start.

Kurt said...

Cheer up - Bad Art days are every day for me!

Bella Rum said...

I'm with Kurt. If you could see my version of "art" you would feel so sorry for me. I would love your talent, even on its worst day.

I do find this post interesting, though. I guess I never thought about the talent of an artist waxing and waning. Of course, it makes perfect sense. I guess it's like writing. After all, it isn't science - hard and factual.

I hope this passes quickly.

Patti said...

Kind of like a bad writing day for me ... only on those days I fill the blank pages with ...Art! (ok, still bad, but much prettier than blank pages!)