Tuesday, 14 April 2009


"Well now. That completes the first phase of the braces." the peppy hygeinist notifies me with regards to 3 of 4's teeth. She had her upper braces removed today.

"Um, how many phases are there exactly?" I ask. I was told originally and a few thousand dollars ago that there was an upper, retainer and possibly lower later when she's older if need be.

"Well," she states nervously looking like a deer caught in a headlight, or a hygeinist caught in a lie "those were the ones to correct the crossover bite. She may need braces again in the future up top to correct any problems if the rest of her baby teeth don't come in straight." she says now relieved by the end of the sentence because I haven't lost it yet.

"huh. More braces. On the top again possibly you say." [insert scoffing, hysterical laughter here.] Yah, right! Once they've got you hooked they've got you for life.

Recently an orthodontist told White Mocha to save every extra penny for the foreseeable future because she's going to need it to fix her kids' teeth.

Funny thing is that they actually brace themselves (no pun intended) for the blow up when they mention the fact that there may actually be cause to put braces on again in the future up top.

When the Dr. first consulted with us he obviously gave us a watered down version of the steps. I guess they figure once you get started there's no turning back and they've pretty much got carte blanche with your bank account. WRONG! As long as the ones that show when she smiles are straight, then anything else is just gravy baby.


Kurt said...

Biggest scam in the world. They tried to put those braces on me, and I said "No way, I WANT to grind my misaligned bottom teeth down to the gums."

BONNIE K said...

In my next life I will be an orthodontist! I remember hearing the same thing and wondering why do we need to go through this twice?!

Bella Rum said...

It's a racket!!