Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Day After April Fools Day!

I didn't post on April Fools day. I don't like April Fools day. If you've read any of my other posts lately let me ask you, do I need help looking like an idiot?

2 of 4 got a skateboard. I've tried it and I haven't killed myself on it yet.

I went for my first bike ride of the season the other day with my clipless, clip-in shoes. I didn't fall that day.

I went to my expressive drawing class yesterday and left with a charcoal nose but no other injury.

I went to "Framed!" yesterday and put together my last project. I didn't glue, nail, or break anything in any way than how it should be dealt with. Well......okay, maybe I glued myself a little bit, but it was only white carpenters glue not that crazy stuff.

My family KNEW I was not in my happy place and quickly discontinued their plotting. Smart people.

I appear to be on a roll. Why jinx it by participating in April Fools day. Whether as a joker or jokee, I would always land up coming out the fool.


Bella Rum said...

I love skate boards. They're kind of poetic. I don't know, kind of free. I always think of how it must feel to fly down a ramp on one. I just missed that generation, but my son had one.

Kurt said...

Not a fan of 4/1 either. Most jokes these days are cruel, not funny.

BONNIE K said...

I liked April Fools day as a kid, but not as an adult. None of that stuff seems funny anymore.

richgold said...

I heard the rule that any pranks had to be played by noon. Didn't stop me from getting sucked in by fake news about Edmonton using DNA technology to identify dogs by their excrement.

On the fun side of things, when I went to pick up some child-units that day, there were a bunch of smaller child-units with little fish stuck to their backs. "Poison d'avril"! That wasn't so bad to take.