Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy.

We had two visitors this weekend.

I tell my children a giant rabbit carrying disgusting amounts of candy and chocolate will come to our house while they are asleep, break in, leave said candy and disappear into the night like a bandit. All for free! Why does this not disturb them? I don't normally let them eat candy from strangers!

I tell my children that a strange lady that is of the fairy species will also break into our home and leave a gift or money in exchange for a used, discarded, pulpy, bloody little tooth.

"Why does the fairy do this?" my daughter asked.
"How the heck should I know. Maybe she's just a sick, sick, repulsive little creature that likes to collect used teeth." I reply.

They've heard the tale of a fairy using teeth to build her castle. One I personally always found repulsive, but passed on just the same. They know the story, but ask every time anyhow. Why are they okay with this? Normally they wouldn't accept gifts or money from strangers. Especially weird people that want a body part in exchange for their gift.

It has always surprised me that the older ones don't spoil the fantasy for the younger ones once they find out. Goodness knows there's been a few times when I've wanted to!


Serena said...

My youngest finally dragged the truth out of me about the real identity of the Easter Bunny and Tooth just doesn't feel as exciting anymore....guess my baby is growing up.

PS - I've never heard the story that the tooth fairy was using the teeth to build a castle.

Kurt said...

I hadn't heard of the tooth castle either. Must be the Canadian Tooth Fairy.