Friday, 17 April 2009

"Breeze" About 2/3 Complete

For every 10 minutes I spend colouring I spend another 50 contemplating. After I come back to it I have a eureka moment and I can continue. Makes for slow art.

If this were acrylic I could paint on the splashes last. If this were water colour I could mask the white out. Since this is coloured pencil I have to colour around the splashes as much as possible to keep the paper white. Now onto the bubbles. HA! A whole new challenge awaits!

Bella, that's 20 celsius not F. It's supposed to go up to 68 F. Unfortunately it doesn't actually hit that temperature until around 4pm. Makes for a couple of nice hours in the day at least. It's funny. I've seen more people this morning in shorts, tank tops and sandals even though it started out at about 39 F. in the morning and doesn't actually start to warm until at least 11 or 12. That's a Canadian for you. When we hit in the 90's or 100 F in the summer we tend to not do so well.

Grandma C, don't say the S word! Hope they've made a terrible mistake! If it snows here again I think I may start crying.


Bella Rum said...

I'm an idiot. That's Americans for you. We expect everyone to do it our way.

This picture is really taking shape. Beautiful!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Your way always made more sense to me for the most part. I grew up with pounds, inches, until we switched. Now we tend to use pounds, inches, kilometers, litres and both C and F. It's a mixed up country.

Kurt said...

Very nice.

BONNIE K said...

I love the picture. I wish I had your talent.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

You do Bonnie. Everyone does. It's like exercise. The more you do the better in shape your artistic monster is.

Serena said...

This painting/drawing is looking the feeling of warmth in it!

I grew up with the Imperial measures too until it changed over so, for some things like a baby's weight, I think only in pounds and ounces, not grams...whereas, with adult weights, I think in kilos. For temperatures, I think in Celsius. For other things, I think in both Imperial and Metric. Quite a mix, huh? lol