Monday, 6 April 2009

Snow....Yet Again. Yippppeee.....NOT!

It's snowing here again. AGAIN...and AGAIN!! The sun's not supposed to come out until Friday. What flippin' happened to global warming? I was looking forward to that!

White Mocha informs me that the maple sugar season is pretty much over for this year. There was not a big run this year so if you like real maple syrup it's going to cost you! We only had a couple of good days for the sap to run. The temperatures need to go below zero degrees C at night and above zero during the day. The trees won't run if it's windy or cloudy or warm. It needs to be sunny but not too hot. Picky trees. How does she know all this? Her family's in the business. Why don't I call her Maple Syrup instead of White Mocha? I dunno.

PLEASE! PLEASE GOD! Bring us some warmth and sunny goodness!


Bella Rum said...

Oh, I hope you get your warmth soon. Things are really beginning to bloom here. Our dogwoods and azaleas will be bursting in a few days. The cherry and ornamental pears have already bloomed.

I love maple syrup, so that is bad news for me. I don't eat any other kind of syrup.

Kurt said...

We're just getting rain rain rain.

richgold said...

Global warming is not such a bad thing is it?

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

We don't actually get leaves until Mayish. Global warming is a happy thought for us!