Friday, 24 April 2009

We're Up To 7 Volunteers

Our count is up to 7 people who have agreed to try a coloured pencil drawing or at least pretend they are interested in doing a coloured pencil drawing if I post one. I was looking at the list of bloggers who have volunteered and see a lot of artistic people who contribute a lot to the internet through their art. Have you visited any of their sites?

Adventurer is an award winning photographer and also draws, writes, sews, cooks and does a hundred gazillion other things. Adventurer has three upcoming exhibitions of her photographic work. You can probably find details on her blog at I know a bit more about her because I've actually met her, have worked with her and call her a good friend.

Serena is a painter in Australia. She has some of the most beautiful stuff on her blog and has a very talented family member who has just started creating hand sewn dolls. I find her blog to be very uplifting and I'm a regular visitor there.

Patti has a blog called Writes for Chocolate and is a writer whos blog I have been reading for years. She homeschools her kids and that in itself takes an amazing amount of creativity!

Kurt is at Other People Exist. He is another blogger whos site I've been visiting for years. He is a cartoonist and does ocassionally post one on his site. He puts out an OPE zine which I've yet to purchase a copy of. Why haven't I yet? I'm not yet convinced he exists. I enjoy his quirky blog. My 9 year old still talks about "the guy with the bacon on his blog." I won't explain further though.

Shoreacres is a new addition. I look forward to checking out her blog!


Kurt said...

I do exist! I'm just not the "Kurt" you read about on my blog.

Serena said...

That's such a sweet thing to say....thank you ~

With your permission, I could post on my blog about your offer and, hopefully, get more people to sign up for your free lesson. I know a few people who may be interested. You can email me if you'd prefer.

Bella Rum said...

Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

I love the header. You ooze talent. I used to doodle cartoons, sign me up!


VE said...

I don't believe Kurt exists either; only other people exist!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Oh Sure Serena, that would be great thanks!

Patti said...

You've been reading my blog for years?! Wow, and I take so many blog vacations, like just now ... :o

Thanks for talking nicely about me! I like yours, too! (I just didn't realize it's been years!)

Serena said...

I'll post about it very will give you time to prepare the lesson. :)