Thursday, 28 May 2009

I'm tired. I've just burnt the breakfast muffins I've made for tomorrow morning.

I have been drawing, drawing, drawing this past week. Pictures to come. I think this next portrait will be titled "Wild Thing." We'll see.

My expressive drawing class is going well. My instructor has been quite pleased with my progress. I find drawing from nude models quite a challenge. I often tape the drawings, which are quite massive, (approx. a third to a half the height of my wall) on the walls of our living room and office to self-critique for a couple of days and determine what changes I possibly would make. After the kids get home from school on Wednesdays I find my sticky notes missing from their assigned drawer and pasted over all offensive dangly bits on said drawings. I threatened to hang the whole lot out for their birthday parties coming up in the next few weeks for their friends. They weren't amused.


richgold said...

I'm not contra dangly bits, though I kind of side with them. My Mom had/has a drawing where the artist drew a woman's face sans eyes, just sockets. Kind of like a marble statue.

Growing up it was in the dining area. I used to hang a napkin over the image when I had to face opposite of it while eating.

BTW - let me know when you're ready for a show, eh?

Serena said...

LOL at the kids and the sticky notes ~ :)