Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Latest Poop

My Mom received a phone call the other evening. It was Grandma.

"I'm at the hotel and I'm ready for you to come and pick me up now." Grandma told Mom.

"Ummm, Mom, you're at [insert name of nursing home here]." Mom replied.

"Hmmm.....noooo! I don't think so!?" she insists.

"Yes Mom, you are at [insert name of nursing home here]." Mom repeats.

"Well, they're just getting me ready for bed. Let me check...." Grandma checks with the nursing staff trying to ready her for bed and then returns to the phone.

"Your right! I am at [insert name of nursing home here]. In that case, pick me up tomorrow instead. Bye."


We had a tornado here while I was gone on my blogging vacation. It was an F zero. Hit all of the adjacent neighborhoods to ours but didn't even leave a stick on the street here. Tore off bits of roofs, threw a kid across a street apparently. It took down some very large trees and did some other menacing things like destroying outdoor furniture at my favourite Starbucks.

Bastard tornado! Now where the heck am I supposed to sit this summer. It rammed the tables right into the Tim Horton's drive through next door. What are they supposed to do with them? They don't even have a patio!


I had my first request for an autograph this past week. It was from that kind artist who previously had liked my painting "Oh Rats!" I was very humbled by his encouraging words and he provided me with a bit of advice when I shyly thanked him.

"WAKE UP!" he suggested. Good advice. How can I sell paintings if I act like I'm shocked when someone else likes them. I am grateful to him!


The weather is warm, the flowers are starting to bloom, the coffee shops have their patios set up (well....the ones that still have patio furniture), I've purchased a couple of great art books lately and I've just finished my painting "Breeze" with the girl on the beach. It's hanging at "La Veille Alliance" in Aylmer, Quebec. If you don't want to buy the painting then go and try a pastry or the most delicious bread anywhere. They also serve coffee and lunch. Don't say I sent you unless your manners are impeccable, OK?

Happy Mother's Day!


BONNIE K said...

Happy mother's day to you too. I loved the grandma story. And you are a very talented artist and you SHOULD know that!

Kurt said...

Riveting stories all.

Serena said...

I had a giggle at your Grandma's phone call. lol

How thoughtless of that tornado to rip through your favourite Starbuck's!

WHOO HOO on your first autograph request!! And, I agree with him...WAKE UP! Your work is amazing!

Happy Mother's Day!

richgold said...

I like your Grandma. Can I trade her for my mother? Oops. Did I say that?

re the tornado. We inherited an orange Christmas tree and a foot-high plastic garden frog. I'm looking forward to the next tornado. I need a new garbage can and could use a couple of flamingos.

Bella Rum said...

Glad your okay and the tornado didn't take you away. They can be so nasty and scary.