Sunday, 21 June 2009

And Then The Car.....

I blew up the car. On the highway. Again. How humiliating.

Well, not the whole car actually. Just the front tire. Being on the highway with a car full of children and a flat tire seemed dangerous to me so I made the decision to keep driving to the off ramp which was very close. By the time I pulled over I had a shredded tire. A cop happened by as well as an expensive tow truck. The driver was very helpful trying to steer me to one of the garages nearby that he dealt with. He was also so very helpful at letting me know it probably wasn't just my tire but maybe the fuel line and expensive rim that might have to be dealt with.

HA! Right! I told him to tow it to the place I deal with and were there anything else wrong I'm sure they'd know just what to do. Also, rims aren't expensive. Nice try.

We hoofed it to the transit station just across the street. Where one of Four says with relief,

"Phew! At least after all of that I remembered to take my brush."

Ya, I was worried about that too.

By the way, the last time, which I mentioned in the opening sentence, was ceasing the engine on the same highway with two dogs along for the fun. That time I walked off along the edge of the highway with the canines panicking at my side the whole way.


BONNIE K said...

You are not having a good week, are you? I'm glad all of you are ok. And that 1 of 4 brought her brush.

Kurt said...

Where's yer spare?

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Around my waist, thank you for asking.

Serena said...

You're obviously not a member of a roadside breakdown service where they would have came and fitted the spare tyre for you so I feel for you but all was not lost.....thank goodness 1 of 4 remembered her brush ~ :)