Monday, 29 June 2009

Canada Day Cookies

I've noticed a fair bit of Canadian traffic showing on the side bar entering through my original post for Canada Day Cookies. Apparently there are a lot of patriotic Canadians looking for recipies of Canada Day cookies and they are popping in through the site of my painting titled "Canada Day Cookies."
You won't find recipies here. I hate cooking. I won't even attempt to post one. If you want a painting of your child eating Canada Day Cookies then I'm your man. Or woman as the case may be. I know....shameless advertising, but I'm always up for new models.

Happy July 1st and happy cookie recipe hunting.

BTW: The cookies came from a grocery store that the model was eating. That's how I like to cook.


BONNIE K said...

What is a Canada Day cookie, anyway?

Kurt said...

What is Canada Day?

Serena said...

Great portrait.....obviously Canada Cookies have red food colouring in them?