Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Canada Day

Mama K asked what a Canada Day Cookie was. Your guess is as good as mine! For me it was a cookie shaped like a maple leaf that had red and or white icing/sprinkles and were brought to a Canada Day party last year. It came in a package from the store. I did a coloured pencil painting of one of the children at the party sticking his very red tongue out after eating one of these cookies.

Funny, I didn't think there were so many Canadian's who cared that much about Canada Day. They enjoy the day off, fireworks, rain I suppose. (It often rains just in time for the fireworks.)

Canada Day, July 1st, is a national holiday. Well almost. In Quebec many don't celebrate Canada Day. They celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day instead in June. Oh those crazy Quebecois! Many so badly want to have their own country. Sometimes I want to give it to them!


BONNIE K said...

Thank you! I didn't realize you drew that picture of the boy - it's wonderful! And while I didn't know what a Canada Day COOKIE was, I am familiar with Canada Day - I spent my college years in Toronto.

Kurt said...