Thursday, 25 June 2009


Our city is being overrun by tomato people. That's what happens when caucasian Canadians forget to put there sunscreen on. That's pretty much all of them. I've been cycling mostly in sleeveless tank tops and missed a spot myself. Ooops and ouch.

The ones that aren't burnt are wrapped up in fabric from head to toe. This seems equally as uncomfortable to me and I wonder how these ladies can take the heat. I recently heard one of these devout ladies state, "It's hotter in hell if I don't dress this way."

Then there's the fur coat crowd. Mr. Hunter does the same little trick in the summer as in the winter. He wants out badly and once he's out turns right back around and scratches at the door to come in. Black is not a good colour for your fur coat to be.

One final thing about the heat.....guys, please, just because you can go out without a shirt, doesn't mean you should.


VE said...

Ok...I will leave the shirt on then.

Kurt said...

It's still livable here. For now