Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ms. Vicki Stripes Return


I return without a lick of jewelry to call my own. Mr. P. could not find even one single, solitary pin to adorn my precious self. It was an interesting return trip to say the least.

Our luggage was damaged. When we arrived at the airport back home it almost seems like the luggage handlers might have attached said luggage to the underbelly of the aircraft for the duration of the flight. When Mr. P. put in a luggage claim he decided to request a bag to place all his belongings in. He got one. A clear plastic bag.

Nothing like hanging out your dirty laundry for all to see. As you can imagine, Mr. P was thrilled to walk through the airport with a pair of ladies undies in plain view!
Until next time loves,

Ms. Vicki Stripes


Kurt said...

I forgot where you went, but I was excited about it when I knew.

Bella Rum said...

Poor Mr. P

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL. That's hilarious!