Monday, 22 June 2009

.....And Then The Bike Again!

This time I stayed on my bike. A guy tried to take me out. He fell, not me. He was humiliated.

I had a feeling. I stop for coffee at the halfway mark and I decided when leaving that this time I would bring napkins to sop up any blood I may leak after my manditory accident when cycling back. As it turns out I did have an accident but was not the unfortunate one. A jogger did a quick spin on the path and ran right onto my side of the path and into the side of me. I kept my balance. Yeah! He did a quick roll in the grass, jumped up, said he was okay and jogged on.

Nobody needed the napkins today. Yeah! At least not yet......knock on wood! But the day is young and I still have to cut the grass.


Cecilia Rose said...

Hello Stranger!!!

How are you? Life is good in Toronto - I think of you and the girls often and wonder how you are. Drop me an email sometime. I just started my blog again - so let's keep in touch!


Kurt Rose said...

I didn't think there were that many people in Canadia.

VE said...

You have been officially spoofed...