Thursday, 2 July 2009

Canada Day In A Nutshell

Well now that Canada Day is over and the desparate quest to find a good Canada Day cookie has passed, I expect the Canadian traffic to this site will drastically slow. (Translation for non-Canadians: Canada Celebrated it's 142nd birthday on July 1st.)

We spent part of the day on the hill wading through a sea of red and white. (Translation: We went to Parliament Hill which is in Canada's capital, not Toronto! Every one was dressed in Canadian Flag colours which adorned maple leaves.)

Despite the threat of rain the crowd seemed to be even larger than last years. Well, except for on the hill itself. It seemed quiet compared to the rest of the core. The GG was speaking and then they had some music. (Translation for non-Canadians: An immigrant from Haiti who had duel citizenship from France and Canada gave up the French citizenship when there was an uproar when she was appointed the Queen's representative in Canada. At one time she and her husband were believed to have interests in the separation of Quebec from Canada. Although she seems like a lovely person, her speech was quite boring. The better musicians play later in the day and the music mid-day sucked so every body went shopping in the market area instead.

Sarah McLauchlin was singing later in the day and adorned her anti-seal hunt t-shirt. I wonder if this was for the GG's sake. If so then get a life Sarah. Like everything else, if the numbers aren't culled then problems arise. They aren't hunted in an inhumane way anymore and there are people who use them for food as they have for generations. (Translation: Michaelle Jean, the Govenor General, ate raw seal not so long ago on a visit up north. This caused an uproar and who friggin' cares!)

We went to see the fireworks at 10pm. We watched it from the Champlain bridge, not wanting to go downtown as the numbers of revellers triples by evening. The kids enjoyed it but it seemed less spectacular this year then last. All in all it was a fun day. (Translation: Big Booms, lots of people, but less miles away. Lots of fun.)


Kurt said...

What's a GG? (You thought you'd explained everything)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Govenor General. Queen's representative. The Queen can't babysit us herself so Michaelle does.