Wednesday, 22 July 2009

City Dog

Hunter is a city dog. He is not a country dog. He is not a hunting dog. Hunter IS a city dog. He likes his creature comforts.

We drove along the gravel roads with fields of long grass and wildflowers swaying in the wind. The scent of sun kissed flowers permeated the air. Wildlife, farm animals, birds and butterflies dotted the landscape. It was lovely.

We were headed up to our extended family's estate, to visit with family who were staying there from out of town. I could feel the stress of city driving melting away as I drove past waving farmers sitting atop tall farm equipment. This is a calm, friendly, slow paced place. I would enjoy two days of this bliss. Someone else would not.

"Come Hunter!" I bellowed after trying to have him exit the vehicle for approx. 5 minutes. You see, this place smelled familiar to him. He'd been here before. He hated it then as much as he was hating it now. The country!

We pushed, pulled, begged, cajoled and finally he begrudgingly left the car. He was not a happy dog.

As if he was an expected guest, the deer flies automatically attached themselves to his face. Then the wasps joined the party and a few mosquitos just because they could. They weren't bothering the people one single bit. They only had eyes for Mr. Hunter.

Each time during the two days I walked within 20 feet of my vehicle there would be a dancing black lab excitedly waiting at the car door. Hoping, pleading with his eyes to bring him back to his happy place in the city. When I turned away he'd then slowly drag himself back to one of the cottages where he could hide away from the bugs. Although he could get away from them there, he still didn't like it. It didn't have a Starbucks where he could go for a pastry snack on a walk. It didn't have other dog friends to play with and romp around the fields in a carefree way. But most of didn't have his bed.

Today we're home. Back in the city. He's had his snacks, walks, met his friends. He's back in his bed. His happy place. Back in the city.


Kurt said...


Maybe he smelled a wolf!

BONNIE K said...

I think I am like Hunter in many ways. I don't mind a drive in the country - rather enjoy it, actually, but there's nothing like home.

Krista said...

Too funny!

Serena said...

Poor Hunter.....I'm glad to hear he is back in his happy place again ~ :)