Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy Independence Day

July 4th

You lucky dogs you! If only Canada could shed the monarchy too! It's got me thinking about things that I like and don't like about being tied to Britain.

Things I don't like:

When the royals come to visit it gets charged to the Canadian people. I'd rather pay for a vacation for myself, not for her. She's got more money than anybody I know. Let her pay for the trips.

The Governor General. She's very expensive to keep. I can't think of a darn useful thing she does other than spend money and cause controversy.

We have to spell many words the British way. Colour, grey, omelette, pyjamas, cheque, etc.... (and here you thought I was just making spelling mistakes.) Being a "coloured pencil artist" does have some drawbacks.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles. Man, people don't get much more unattractive than that! Woof!

Things I like:

.....Anyhow.... Happy Independence Day America.


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Happy (belated) Canada Day.