Friday, 17 July 2009

I had a race on the way to art school yesterday in front of Parliament Hill on one of our busiest streets during rush hour. It was against a horse towing a buggy. He won. Big cheater didn't always stop for red lights. When he did stop, he'd start ahead of the light turning green. No matter how hard the driver tried he couldn't keep him still.

The kids don't want their classes to end. I think the instructors probably will be happy for the weekend to come. Some of the kids are definitely a handful and I wonder what their parents do with them when they are at home. I'm surprised that one particular child hasn't managed to accidentally kill herself yet.

This afternoon is the big "art show" for the kids. There's great excitement when all of their work is unveilled. One of the fathers told me the other day his daughter wouldn't let him enter the class when it was time to pick her up for fear of him seeing her work before the official showing today. She's 6 or 7.

I've just finished a painting called "Wild Thing." This is a miracle considering there has been very little time for art since the kids have been off school. At least for me to do art. They haven't stopped.


Kurt said...

I quit doing art. I have given up. I'm no good. I plan to pout full time now.

BONNIE K said...

Let's see your painting!

richgold said...

I concur with Bonnie K. You've told. Now show!