Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm Cold

Global Warming my ass!

This time of year I should be dripping sweat and burnt to a crisp. Our summers are very humid and hot.....usually.

These past two years have been cool. Coat kinda cool. Today is Sunny and warmish with absolutely no humidity. It's one of the few sunny days we've had. Our high's for the week are better suited to our fall than summer. I fear that week of hot days a while back was the only summer we might get. They're calling for a cool, rainy July. Blah!

You know what really kills me is they try to blame our cool weather on global warming too. Get real people. Pollution is a problem. Carbon dioxide is not.

BTW, while I'm at it.....Edison was a genius. He had it right. Why change to a sub-standard product when a better, safer, cheaper one is available. Compact fluorescent lighting it terrible. As an artist there is no way I can work with one of those horrible lights. Our province leader Dalton McGuinty is a complete idiot. (And a really big liar, liar pants on fire...but that's not important here.) He will ban the sale of incandescent bulbs by 2012. Hopefully we'll get a chance to "ban" him before that. If not then I'm going to stock up on the good stuff. I can't wait for our MPP to come campagning at my door next time around. [insert sinister evil laugh here!]


Kurt said...

I like a CFL for the one light we leave on when we're not at home, because it uses way less electricity.

ps: I hate to be that guy, but global warming causes "changes in the distribution and intensity of [weather] events," not warmer weather.

BONNIE K said...

I prefer the cool weather, since I'm always hot these days. And my husband was just complaining that all anyone sells these days is the fluorescent bulbs.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with all the global warming and flourecent light stuff too.