Monday, 6 July 2009

Kurt makes some good comments that I'm going to reply to:

"I like a CFL for the one light we leave on when we're not at home, because it uses way less I hate to be that guy, but global warming causes "changes in the distribution and intensity of [weather] events," not warmer weather."

We've had CFL's melt in a socket and shoot sparks around when it blew. More than once. No, it wasn't a problem with our electrical system or sockets. The fire marshall told us that they are looking into the safety of these bulbs as they have had many complaints about problems with these bulbs such as these. I won't leave them on when we go out. At least not indoors.

As for the changes and intensity of weather events. Haaaaa! That's might be the argument but I think in past millenia the weather patterns have been a lot more unstable than they are today. I would imagine today things are fairly quiet compaired to long ago.

As a kid I listened to the CONSTANT warnings from scientists, including David Suzuki who were predicting global cooling and the next ice age. The fear mongering was good for a time to pad his pocket and others like him. Once that fear wasn't noticed they needed to find a new "cause" to panic the public with. Hence "Global Warming" which is now "Climate Change." Remember acid rain, ozone layer, etc.... they've got to find something to get us worked up about or they're out of jobs.

As Marilyn Mansen said in Bowling for Columbine, it's all about "Fear and Consumption."

Our government is at a loss to understand why the Canadian people aren't getting upset about the H1N1 (pig flu) virus. See though....we're starting to catch on. Few people are believing their dire warnings. They need us to feel panic about something. We aren't falling for this one. Sadly though, when a bad one does hit no one will believe them!

There are so many scientists who are actual climatologist (unlike Suzuki and Gore might I add) who disagree with the climate change argument. I'm with them.

Now why not do something about pollution. That something I would agree with.

P.S. I think Kurt might kinda like being "that guy";-)


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I like to just live in the dark when it is dark...the way nature intended it. I try to wear lots of padding in doing so...