Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Mr. Hunter's Happy Places

Look at this poor little face. He has one less happy place tonight. Actually two.
Mr. Hunter got Kennel cough this past Spring at the "dog park" and the vet told us never ever, ever, ever, EVER to go back there again as long as we live! Dog parks are what keep vets in business. We've not been back since.
He stopped at White Mocha's house for his manditory treat and guess what....a hideous black fanged creature has moved in. Blah! He looked quite frightened by this new member of the household and refused to step past the entranceway and ate his snack with some trepidation. The black fanged creature was just as horrified by his presence and hissed a warning.
Oh well, he still has "Cheese Slice Bob" next door and "Scooter Vivian" with dog treats in her basket. He managed to find an inground pool at the home of "Bandit," one of his dog friends and went for a swim yesterday. He was a bit alarmed when he realized he couldn't climb out, but Mr. P. yanked him out by the collar and he enjoyed his swim. He's a dog that knows all the best spots to hang in the neighbourhood. When he manages to accidentally get left out, I know all of the places that his stomach leads him.
P.S. He wants to know if anyone has any good recipes for cat meat?


Kurt said...

I love that dog.

Serena said...

Awwwwwwwwwww......it's a dog's life....sigh ~

Sorry that he ended up with kennel cough though. :(

Patti said...

Oh I want one of those! (The dog, not the treats, he can keep those!)

Krista said...

What Park? So it is not a good idea to take Maggie?