Tuesday, 14 July 2009

We've been swimming in birthday's here of late. As for myself I've just recently turned the big "40" .... again. I recommend trying it more than once. It's much better and less shocking the second time around.

I was looking around the downtown core of our city today thinking that I'm not is such bad shape for someone my age. At least when I'm not falling off my bike I'm healthier than many. I just might make it up to 100 after all.

My Grandmother always wore her age like a badge of honour. Often revealing it to those she'd come across knowing that she'd leave them awestruck. She always did look a good 10 to 15 years younger than she was. She seemed to stop counting in her 90's. Not because she was no longer proud, but because she hasn't got a clue how old she is now. I'm hoping my brain ages better than hers.

Her mom lived to 102 and was as sharp as anything. Cheated in cards too! You've gotta watch those little old ladies! They're sneaky!

I look forward to next years 40th birthday. They aren't so bad once you get the hang of it!


Kurt said...

I look great, but all my parts ache.

BONNIE K said...

Happy birthday. You're a youngster. Even if you've been there a few times.

Serena said...

Happy Birthday to you! :)

I turned 50 this year but maybe I'll run with your idea and next year can be 50 for me again, and the year after that, and the year after that....hehehehe

Patti said...

I think I enjoy getting a year older more when others are "awestruck" (real or fake, it still works wonders!) Of course having little kids and younger friends helps with the illusion. (so do dark glasses!)

richgold said...

Are you telling me I outlapped you? I've already made it around the track! Wah!