Monday, 27 July 2009

"Wild Thing" Complete

"Wild Thing"
Coloured Pencil on White Stonehenge
I need to work. I dropped the kids off at art class and found myself jealous that they are in the class instead of me. Well, maybe jealous isn't the correct term. I'm excited for them and felt that gnawing energy in the pit of my self waiting to explode out if I didn't do something artistic.
I used to envy people their passion for whatever it was they were passionate about. Some work, some a hobby, some a type of volunteer work that they do. I never understood that kind of dedication to something, previously.
In the Bible it states that we have all been given a gift. Even from a very early age I questioned what this gift might be. Is having no discernable gift a gift?
There's always one in every group. You know, the kid that is good at every single thing they put their hands on. My Three of Four is like that. She has many gifts. She also lacks the passion necessary to foster a serious growth in the many areas that she's giften in. I pray for her she finds that passion for something.
I think that I've always had a passion for art, but was too obtuse to know this was indeed my passion. I suppose that I always believed you had to be naturally very good at whatever your passion might be. Hello! I didn't even think that maybe you have to start off bad to get good. You improve due to your passion for that activity.
It starts as a twinge. Perhaps triggered by a song, mood, story, other artworks done by someone else. It quickly turns to an eagerness to get my hands on something to create with. It expands into my whole core. A fidgity energy spreading through my limbs. I feel frustrated and like I might explode into a million bits if I don't create .... something.
Of late my garden is beautiful. This is where my creative energy has exploded to. I haven't had time to dedicate to creating on paper. Also perhaps my confidence is waning as it does from time to time. Even with something we're passionate about we need affirmation that what we are doing is good. This is where I usually take an art class or workshop to assist me in getting over my blocks. There are none in the immediate future. They start in the fall.
Serena does a drawing a day. Perhaps this is a good way for me to start since I don't see any naked people walking around my neighborhood waiting to be drawn. I'll have to wait for that until the fall expressive drawing classes at the art school. Unless of of you wants to volunteer;-)


Kurt said...

Do we have to be at your house to volunteer?

What was Hitler's gift?

Serena said...

I believe that gift spoken of in the Bible is our human form/existence...and how we choose to live it is up to will and all.

Correction - Serena tries to do a drawing a day but it doesn't always work that way. lol

I am happy that I'm trying helps to keep the artistic side of me happy. :)

Serena said...

Ooooops, I meant to say that I love your Wild Thing piece!

BONNIE K said...

I am jealous of your talent!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Hitler was charismatic or he would never have gotten where he did. Unfortunately he used his powers for evil instead of good.

Bonnie, no need to be, you could do it to if you wanted.

richgold said...

Do you carry a pocket sketch book in your purse? I knew a guy that did that. And then he tasked himself with doing a quick sketch of where ever he found himself in under two minutes. Some work good, some he called doodles (which I liked because of the whimsy, or the unfinishedness of the picture ... that there was something that had to be imagined to complete the story).

I think this might be why I carry my camera around lots.

Sandy said...

Your portraits are great by the way.