Thursday, 27 August 2009

Little Nasties

We got attacked. Bees. Bumbles. Big fat round bumble bees. I'm not sure what set them off. Four of Four and myself both got stung. Mr. P. was attacked but got the bee before she got him. They watched us through our windows once we retreated inside. I've never had a problem with bumble bees before. Maybe it's time to pave the garden.


BONNIE K said...

Don't pave the beautiful garden! Just stay away from the bees!

Kurt said...

They know!

Serena said...

Be careful! I remember one of my sons and I were attacked by wasps when he was around 5. He was walking a couple of metres behind me on our way through the school grounds of my other son's school. Beau had bent down to smell a flower when, next thing I knew, he's screaming and crying, I ran over instantly and the wasps turned on me as I swiped them away from my son. I was screaming for him to move away to a safe distance which he did, thank goodness. We must have been quite entertaining to the students and teachers who were in the classrooms beside the garden.