Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I suspect my charcoal/red chalk sketches from this mornings class will soon be sporting sticky notes in the more delicate areas of the works. I managed to snap a picture before the little prude crew gets to them. Next week will be even more offensive to them. We're sketching men;-)


Serena said...

LOL....I'm having a giggle thinking about the 'prude crew' running for the sticky notes, especially next week.

You did a wonderful job on the sketches!

Anonymous said...

lol - reminds me of the art books my dad had when we were kids - all of the questionable works of art had strategically placed stickers :-D

Patricia said...

I once was thinking about buying a second hand drawing book...but discovered your "prude crew" had beat me to it...cute title for them.
Good sketches

Patricia said...
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