Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My "Expressive Figure Drawing" class started today at the art school. I was very excited until I learned the first class would be given by another instructor and would be a field trip to the art museaum to look at a famous Canadian photographer's work with a focus on portraits. I stayed home to continue on a drawing I'm working on instead.

It was not the most successful day artistically speaking, but stiff upper lip, tomorrow's another day and all that. Some days are like that. I was practicing doing apples and ripped the paper. Now I have two large apples on a little paper. Sigh.
The positive bit to all of this is that I was able to re-introduce myself to green. I haven't used much green since I work primarily with skin tones and was finding it a bit intimidating at first. By the end I was loving green. The green apple has about 13 different colours of green pencils, 2 yellow, 2 blues, brown and tuscan red. It was invigorating once I realized it would indeed look like a green apple. Now the red apple was another story!
I have the colours for the red apple for the demonstration and will post them soon. If it weren't so darn complicated I'd do green, but that's a lot of pencils required!


VE said...

I know all about non-creative days. I'm working on one right now!

Serena said...

I think every artist has days like that. :( I do love your apple painting though.....makes me want to munch into that gorgeous green apple!

Kurt said...

Canadian photography is the best!