Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Next Coloured Pencil Demonstration is Coming! I Promise!

Okay. I cheated. Instead of working on the apple to post on the blog I've been drawn to drawing other things. I will be starting the apple later today.
Yesterday was my first expressive drawing class. At least that I decided to attend. It started off as one of those mornings. You get to the building weighed down with portfolio's and bags of art equipment to find the elevator is out of operation then drop off your stuff and head to your favorite mom and pop coffee shop in the area to find that it's closed down for renovations and have to go to a major chain on instead. You trudge back upstairs, spill your Mocha on your shorts like you just learned to drink from a big person cup, set yourself up and wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. The model is running late.
As you wait you have a moment to look around the room. You start to feel the butterflies build in your stomach as you realize you don't see the familiar faces from last years classes. You find you are seeing the "big guns." This year it seems all of the seasoned artists are brushing up on their drawing skills. The ones that actually have sold art or make a living as artists. I recognize some from seeing their work previously. Not one beginner in the class. Yikes!
The instructor enters the room. He is new to me and temporarily replacing my regular one for a month or so. Will he yell? Insult? Throw a tantrum? It's been known to happen I've heard of some of the instructors. I've not heard anything about this one.
Turns out it was a perfect class. I've never turned out a work as easily as I did this day. The instructor was incredible! I didn't feel my work was out of place amongst the seasoned artists. I felt relief! I can't wait for next week!

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Serena said...

WOW! That painting is looking wonderful!

I'm glad your class worked out so well after the few mishaps you had prior to it. KUDOS to you for seeing it through after noticing the 'big guns' were there. I would have probably run for the nearest exit.

Don't pressure yourself re. the coloured pencil lesson as we all understand how life gets in the way and how we can be drawn to other creative endeavours. I've had a lot on my plate too.