Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Expressive Drawing

I took a class on the weekend (not at the art school) and it threw me a bit.  I was feeling quite discouraged by an exercise that we started off the day with.  At the art school I had felt like I was successfully catching on to a different way of drawing that I had been working on this past year at the school.  The weekend class forced me to return back to the method I had used previously, but found wasn't helping me advance my skills.  It made returning to the new way very difficult.

The above drawings are this weeks drawings that were definately more of a struggle than last week and not as successful in my opinion.  The drawings posted are worked quickly to capture movement and expressive posture.   I am so pleased with the instructor that we had replacing our regular one this past month that I would gladly take up one of his classes in the future.  I found I have learned much from him that has sped up the drawing process for me.

I now look forward to my regular instructor Pamela, whom I am also very pleased with returning to the class.  Hopefully the next class will go even smoother!

P.S.  In one of the photos you can see something new I'm working on.  The zebras are something we picked up at a charity art auction this past weekend.  I need more walls to hang all the art I have on.  Any volunteers;-)  (You can't have the zebra's though....they're mine!)


BONNIE K said...

Well I'm just a lay person (and a non-artist) but those drawings look mighty good to me!

Kurt said...

I don't have any walls.

Anonymous said...

do you know about the call for artists at December show. Art of giving ... go for it?!

Patti said...

I have walls! They come in handy when the wind blows, as it does often around here.