Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The wall in my workspace is starting to get crowded.  This is this weeks batch from my "Expressive Figure Drawing" class.  We had to use a variety of mediums that we normally wouldn't work with.  I almost exclusively use charcoal for these classes, so it's always a good exercise in loosening up ones work.

The purpose of this class wasn't in making sure that proportions were correct, but in capuring the expressiveness of the pose.  This is done with quick lines and pure instinct.  I was quite enjoying working with watercolour for two of them since I don't use it any other time and you can just slop it on when using it for this type of work.

The final photo is of my latest colour pencil painting that I'm currently working on.

Oh, and you may have noticed in the wall shot a little half apple picture (in dark blue) beside the reverse charcoal drawing.  Guess what that is!!!!  The promised coloured pencil demonstration gradually getting burried.  I know, I know....I'll pull it out and move it back to the top of my pile.

BTW...."Fallen I" and "Granny Red" are now for sale and hanging at "La Vieille Alliance" in Aylmer, Quebec.  If you go by make sure to buy some bread.  It's the best in the region!


BONNIE K said...

I think it's very cool to have your artwork crowding your surroundings - all I have is old newspapers and coupons and recipes and all kinds of other stuff!

Kurt said...

I will head there as soon as I get a car and a visa to enter Canadia.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I don't know if Canada's ready for a Kurt.

Serena said...

You've been busy! It makes me feel guilty as I haven't been doing any art stuff lately.