Thursday, 22 October 2009

Parliament Hill

"Hot Chocolate" and I went downtown today to shoot our photos.  Digital cameras don't have a very long life span in rainy weather, so once the mist turned into something more substantial we worked our way to Parliament Hill.

The Unicorn is right at the main entrance with a lion guarding the other side.  Gargoyles gallore throughout the structure as well as a multitude of animals and faces carved in the stone.  The domed building is the Parliamentary library which was the only structure that survived the big fire.  We went up to the top of the Peace Tower, just below the big clock for a stunning view of the city.  Even the bathrooms are marble and stone.  Just the kind of ritzy place you don't mind "visiting", unlike most public washrooms.


Kurt said...

I have no idea what city Parliament Hill is in. I love that about me.

BONNIE K said...

Nice pix! The unicorn is very cool.

Serena said...

Nice pics!