Friday, 16 October 2009


There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exatly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happend.
--Douglas Adams--

I believe I may be spending too much time exercising the right side of my brain, drawing, painting, working (artistically speaking.)  I am under this assumption because yesterday on my way to buy myself some shirts and chocolate chips at the grocery store, I saw a lady walking a rather large penguin down the street on a leash and didn't think this too odd. 
My first thought should have been:
"Take another look because it's not possible since we have not even one penguin carrying zoo in this city, or really any zoo for that matter!",
It was instead:
"Oh!  Isn't that cute!  What a lovely picture that would make."

The last time I knew I was spending too much time on art and not enough on math and other left brained activities I was also at the grocery store and having forgotten my list, was trying to remember why exactly I was there once I had arrived.

I started picking up items I believed could have been on my list and placing them in my cart.  As I walked down the dairy isle I had this unusual and strong urge to smell and lick the sour cream containers. 
"Bizzare!" I thought and continued onto the next isle.
It was then that it hit me!  I was here for sour cream and sour cream only.
My right brain told me in the only way it knew how.  Images and feelings.

It used to be when I started with this art stuff my left brain was much too dominant to allow my right to easily take over tasks.  When I'd sit down to paint I'd quickly grow restless and find myself thinking of all of the other chores I should be completing.  (All left brained activities by the way.)

Well, I now more easily slip into a creative mode.  My left brain realizing the futility of attempting to snap me out of right sided dominante activities.  I can easily get lost in Kairos time vs Chronos.

Well, it turns out that the rather large penguin was actually a medium sized dog with penguin coloured markings.  Once I had discovered this though, it was too late.  I need to spend my day doing some good old fashioned left brained activities to gain some balance in my thinking.  I wouldn't worry about it only my communication, driving, accounting skills all suffer when I am out of balance.  It's probably a good thing I'm house bound today!


Patti said...

The penguins! They steal my sanity!

Kurt said...

Sounds like a petit mal seizure to me.

Patricia said...

what can I say...Patti and Kurt already said it.
I used to live in sagebrush country...very remote. We had a big old building that the few remaining woman could meet in and keep their sanity by talking to real people rather than cows. One sunny afternoon, a very large emu walked in the open back door and pecked at the quilt on it's frame. Sooo funny. Turned out some neighboring ranch had some that kept escaping.

Patricia said...

I forgot to say it was a real emu....not an emu colored dog...haha.

Sariah said...

Dang, I was really hoping for a real penguin. My imagination was going wild with the idea that someone had a penguin on a leash. Thoughts of "Mr. Popper's Penguins" were at the front of my brain.

Serena said...

My first thought would have been...Leave the wild animals in the wild, people! I sometimes forget the purpose why I have gone into a particular room and the only way I can remember is to visualise my previous steps backwards til I reach the point of 'seeing' what triggered my need to go into the room in the first place. (I sure hope that makes does to me...hehehehe)