Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Sky is Falling!

I'm still working on posting the promised coloured pencil apple.  I've been trying to cram a lot of stuff into what time we have left.  The government keeps reminding us that we're all going to die of H1N1 if we don't get our shots and then don't actually offer them up.  They want us in enough of a panic to run to the drugstore to purchase masks and handsanitizer.  I suppose that's what's going to be credited with bring us back from the recession.  Hand sanitizer sales.

This is one of the current paintings I'm working on.  Tedious!

As you can see I don't do it in any sort of order.  I let my pencils take me where they will.  I like to work on a bit of everything at once to get an over all feel for the piece.  The only exception is the rather large creature making his way across the top of her hand.  I don't want to have the darker colours blend into the ones that will go onto him so I'm leaving him until last.


Kurt said...

I already died from H1N1.

Patricia said...

I'll be sure to tune in later to see what that creature is. Interesting picture so far.