Monday, 5 October 2009

Uh Oh! More baby goldfish!

Uh Oh! More baby goldfish! This looks like it might be the mother of all batches. We'll see. Here's the last batch. They are now getting darker and the odd one is starting to show some orange. I assume the darker ones will resemble their mother and start off a chocolate colour.
The newest batch of eggs has been safely removed to a 10 gallon tank with a bubbler to await hatching. Two or three days after they hatch we'll start them on frozen baby brine shrimp.
I'm going to attempt to start the filter in the 20 gallon tank with the month old fish. Hopefully the water top up with city water I'll be required to do won't kill them!

Here's Mom (Cocoa) and Dad (Iris.) Cocoa used to be a solid chocolate brown colour but is now at three years old, mostly orange. Iris has turned yellow in the head but his body is pretty much the same. He's such a stud;-)


BONNIE K said...

Boyo, those guys are busy, aren't they?

Kurt said...

Be careful, I once mated some snails and ended up with hundreds of snail babies!

VE said...

The ultimate fish tank would be to convert all the walls in your house into a tank. Good entertainment too!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Kurt, Ahhh yes. We had the big yellow snail fiasco a few years back. The ones we kept finally died off and we haven't gone there since.

VE, I like your way of thinking. Unfortunately my husband would not. Plus the Canadian winters would make fishcycles of all the inhabitants of the tank walls.