Friday, 27 November 2009

Good Bye Art Studio

I would show you the latest pictures and writings of Mr. P. but since he's accused me of slacking off on my blog and just plagiarizing his work I'll just say he's still getting laughed at where ever he goes and he is amazed by the amount of bicycles there.  He'll just have to put his stuff up on his own blog....oooops!  That's right....he doesn't have one;-)

I've put my art table and art away for the time being to make way for a Christmas tree.  I would say I've set it up elsewhere, which I've done, but out of site out of mind and so I might as well just admit that I've given up for the time being.  I've got stacks of lovely photos to work from but find nothing is grabbing me at the moment.  My last art class is next week for the semester and I suppose I've got to decide what I should do next.  Perhaps something that will actually make me some money would be preferrable!  My art instructor jokingly told us she was hoping she could lure some of us into the low paying career of art.  I have to laugh that a person will pay $200 for tickets to a hockey game, concert or evening out that's over in a couple of hours, but will gasp when they see you've priced a painting you've worked 40 hours on at that amount, even if they love it!  Silly people!

I think I'll disappear again for a few days to grow some brain cells.  Hopefully creativity will visit me again soon.


Serena said...


My new studio area is taking up the spot where we normally put the Christmas tree so now we face the dilemma of where to put the tree??? There is no way my studio is getting moved again. The main problem is that, for years, we had a fairly small to medium height tree until, last year, Beau decided to buy a montrous tree and left me with the problem of not only where to put the thing but where to store it. I must admit that, after having a Christmas tree up for a month, I'm very relieved to get my house back to original order. I sound like a right Christmas Scrooge, don't I? LOL

I am so with you on how people can't seem to see value in the time it takes to paint a piece but they will spend heaps on just an hour of entertainment. Maybe we're in the wrong line of work, Sandi??

Sandy said...

Well darn, I'll keep checking back to see when you have some new work up but in the meantime I can go through your archives. Take care and enjoy the season and hopefully your inspiration will return soon.

BONNIE K said...

Maybe you just need a break. Preparing for the holidays should keep you busy enough.

Kurt said...

Or they'll drop $100 on dinner but say they can't afford $24
for a year of OPE zine.

Jennifer Rose said...

I get some people saying my small work is priced too cheaply but when I tell them the price of bigger work you would think that by the look on their face i murdered someone. people don't realize on the whole how much time goes into a piece or think that anyone can do it. can't say that an artist gets into art for the money (most of the time)