Friday, 20 November 2009

bigger than my hand"  x  smaller than my fridge"
Coloured (or colored) pencil (or pencil)

It was mentioned to me this morning that someone noticed that I had quit my blog for a second time earlier in the week, and was this true.  Yes.  I totally deleted the blasted thing for a day or so.  Unfortunately blogger allows one to bring it back within the first 90 days before it utterly annihilates it for ever and ever.

I don't know what art is anymore.  I have not one iota of a clue.  Zilch....nada!  Paint slapped on a canvas, hyperrealism, a man defecating.  All have been called art.  The range is great, or not so great depending on what your preference and definition is.  Above is my latest expression of what might be called art by some.  I'm just now sure who?!

I told my art instructor about a month ago I was considering quitting "art."  (Like it's something I have the ability to do.)  She very seriously instructed me that shouldn't be something I should ever consider.  I've tried quitting the blog, my art, my sanity (that's the one I'm working on now.)  For anyone out there who bought my art for the purpose of having it increase in value when I die or go insane....good for you!  (There are some who have told me they want my art just for this very reason.)  Be happy in the knowledge that you've made a wise investment!  One way or another I'm getting off this crazy ride!

Oh, and one last thing......

SLARTIBARTFAST!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the neighbour who thinks that he should be able to buy one of my works for a hundred bucks....time for a reality check.....that's what the frame at one of the more reasonable framing establishments costs.    Pthhhhhhhhhhh!  If you want I can poo on the floor for you for a hundred bucks.  Some people make money as artists that way.

I have to go, if not for ever at least for now.  I have a headache.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, insane and not insane? Money and control and good advertising for those at the top. Something different, something new!

Mmmm! I watched a program about how the art world is slowly going off this modern rubbish and going back to conservative art. I get bored of all the new stuff, it is the same over and over again. Even art galleries are stupid enough to go with the flow thinking it is a safe bet.

Hang in there! Your art is fabulous,fabulous!


Kurt said...

The object is definite, the art object must be even more definite; withdrawn from all chance, removed from all obscurity, lifted out of time and given to space, it has become lasting, capable of eternity. The model seems, the art object is. - Rainer Maria Rilke

Megan said...


Grandma "C" said...

Well my dear don't doubt your talent and abilities. You have what it takes, and the most important person you have to satisfy is "You". That being said you are your worst critic, so maybe make the one person me. Love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Others probably think you're weird, but you're just pretty normal to me.
(But then again, they think I'm weird too.)

P.S. Found the camera, will snap away when I'm not working at the same time when there's good weather.

- Not yucky at all.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

No one has said I am weird. Perhaps I'm not weird enough is the problem. Apparently being gay helps too from what I can see. Oh, and being Inuit will give you free pass artistically speaking. This actually is not why I lost it. I honesty just don't understand what art is supposed to look like. Mix that with .... well anyways....doesn't matter.