Monday, 30 November 2009

Ms. Vicki Back from Japan

Well Darlings,

  I'm back safe and sound.  An okay trip overall.  The only tedious thing about travel for me is putting all the jewelry back on once I'm back.  Perp won't let me travel with it in case it gets stolen.

  Nothing on the horizon for me darlings.  I'm hoping something pops up unexpectedly because theres nothing worse than gathering dust in a drawer.

Until next time loves,



Sandy said...

ah yes, I remember traveling with my 'jewels", when I was on the go more and cared about wearing it, ha.

So you're back and putting stuff away. Are you glad to settle for awhile.

Sandy said...

Wait a minute, I' m missing something, is this your daughter, yeah I think it is.

Sandy said...

hahaha, sorry about about that, I'm confused now. But no time to go figure it out, I'm out the door soon.

Serena said...