Saturday, 7 November 2009

Puppy Love

I like this dog.  I met him for the first time at Adventurers house.  Her family were kind enough to let me borrow him for a couple of hours this morning to go for a play.  He and Mr. Hunter had a grand off the leash run in behind our house in a large field full of big dogs.  It was like candy for the soul to watch.   I imagine he'll sleep well tonight though! "Grandma C" you have a most wonderful family there!  Such a kind and generous assortment of  nuts.

When I stopped by earlier in the week to drop off the art the game that Mr. and Mrs. Adventurer played was, "try to see if you can get out of the house without our assistance.  If you can then "Child Unit 4" can and we have to rethink the door locks."   They then stood together and laughed as I attempted to exit the premises.  Unfortunately the laughing was short lived and after a few minutes I was able to open both doors eventually leading them to ponder what else they could do to keep their little houdini in the house.  At least the child is a sensible pre-schooler and dresses properly before he takes to the streets alone! 

The art is now up for next weeks art benefit,  It was interesting to see the different types of art.  Such a broad range!  I've picked out my favourites.  I tended to prefer the photography in this exhibit this time.  Funny what catches ones attention above all others.  Something for everyone.  Each person in the room assisting with the mounting of the work had a different favourite.

I stabbed myself again with my poppy on my way to the gallery.  I'm sure in time my nipple will heal.  The children thought it was quite funny until I offered to give them a first hand feel for what I was going through.  They weren't interested.  How the heck to people get nipple rings put in I want to know.  My poppy is now off my coat.  I realize that what the soldiers that we are remembering have gone through worse, but I think I can remember without stabbing myself repeatedly for the cause.


Serena said...

He's adorable! For some reason, visitors always seem to have trouble unlocking our security screen door when they are leaving. It's simply a turn of the key but they always try the latch first. lol I usually have to reach over and do it for them so that probably means my house would pass the "Child Unit 4" test. :)

My own nipple screamed out in pain when I read that part. I would strongly advise you to go with a sticker, key-ring, ANYTHING but poppy pins next time. :(

There is a lovely wide range of pieces for the art benefit...nice work!

BONNIE K said...

I love this dog. The benefit looks very nice and it's for a very good cause. And I'm also in pain reading about your poppy.

Grandma "C" said...

Thank you, the nutty business they come by honestly, I'm afraid it is heiritary. The puppy is a cute dog. I have suggested that Child Unit 4 be put on a leash, but I think he could get out of that also. Serena, you should borrow #4 to make sure your system is secure.

Jennifer Rose said...

" How the heck to people get nipple rings put in I want to know."

adrenalin kicks in and you don't really feel much. at least thats what happened with all of my piercings. didn't pierce my nipples though because my piercer was a family friend and I thought that might be a little awkward :p

cute dog :D best way to tire out dogs and great to watch them interact :)

stick to the poppy stickers, less blood and poked body parts ;)

Kurt said...

Puppy + time = dog

Serena said...

Thanks, Grandma "C"....I'll keep that in mind ~ :)

Daniel Peci said...

such a cute puppy..

Sandy said...

wow, great job.