Friday, 20 November 2009



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Serena said...

Hold onto your sanity, your art and, hopefully, your blog! I've had a busy week with only enough time online to post and comment spasmodically so your blog must have been deleted and reinstated between those times. I know how you feel though.

I'm not sure I could ever give up my blog but I have thought about quitting on the art side of things. I totally understand your frustrations. People just don't seem to see the value in it and I find it difficult when I see other art (painted in Asia on the cheap somewhere) being sold for a pittance. People think....well, that's cheap, why are you so dear?

As for defecating, or actually painting with poo (I read that somewhere a few months back)...I just can't see how that can be classified as art and yet, some people, talk it up.

I remember one year there was a big art display that was on the news and the artist who won had basically set up a room and, switched an overhead light on....the act of switching the light on and bringing the room 'to life' was his expression of art....and people actually raved about it!!! I was speechless!

Currently, I'm just painting for me...just decorating my home. I may paint up some simple motivational pieces and sell prints at some point but that's all for now.