Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This weeks model was the first we had that has curves.  She was fun to draw!  Only a couple more classes left in the semester.  The nice thing is that there are places I now know of where there are groups of artists who get together and hire models once a week for a day.  Gives me extra time to practice on days other than those on which art class occurs, for a nominal fee.

I've joined the Colored Pencil Society of America.  Not sure exactly what the benefits are, but guess I won't know if I don't join.

Christmas Cards are done for this year.  I'm thinking were I to start over.....I wouldn't.  Next year I'll send a card out saying I'm not sending cards out;-)  I often wonder if anybody would even notice if they didn't get one from us.  (Other than my sister in law who was insisting I send her one in July because I didn't send her one last Christmas.  She's moved so often I gave up trying to figure out her address.)

BTW....Very Yucky....please send me your new address.  Is your new province small enough that if I just address it to your name you'll get it?  Please buy a cheap digital camera and send me some pictures.  Or draw me a picture of your new place.


Grandma "C" said...

I really enjoy your cards, I still have last years. That being said I know it can be a job doing Xmas Cards for everyone. Why not just do one on your blog and address it to everyone.

Grandma "C" said...

Back again, or you could do up an e-mail card and e-mail it to everyone. What do you think

Mrsupole said...

Hi PC,

If you drew those pictures then they are totally awesome. I cannot draw worth a crap, but hubby can, the girls and all the grandkids can, so I know they all inherited it from him. Weird thing is that they all draw in the same style.

That is very nice of you to make your own Christmas cards. I quit sending them out years ago and no one seemed to notice. I kept buying them for a few more years for just in case I decided to send them. Finally I stopped buying them because I knew I was not going to send any. I just send out an e-mail to them all. It is so much easier.

You are so brave to do that. Oh and I even quit sending out birthday cards. I have boxes of those laying around too. I need to give them all away.

I am not sure if anyone has asked you if you would like to donate something to the made4aid project, but if you would like to, just contact Sally and she will let you know. I am trying to figure out what type of project I would be able to do to donate. I cannot sew a straight line, so things sewn are out. I cannot paint or draw. Maybe I will be able to take a great or decent picture for someone to frame, but who knows. I will have to see.

God bless.

Serena said...

Great sketches! I've heard too of artists grouping together and hiring a model.

I'll bet you're relieved to have the cards finished. I think anyone would love handmade or painted cards. I must admit I'm not so much into the bought cards any more.