Thursday, 17 December 2009


I'm going to answer Sandy's comment in a post and save her trudging though my archives (God help her!)
Mr. P. has been "encouraging" me to write something about myself for my art website.  This will get me thinking.  For everyone else you can leave now.  This is extremely boring;-)

I come from an artistically inclined family.  My father is a painter and I've learned how to work with acrylic paints by watching him as a child.  I used to peel off the dry paint on his pallett to get to the fresh paint underneath and I'd play with that. 

As a teen I did some painting and drawing.  I was offered a job illustrating some Christmas stories for a national news paper by a well known local author.  (no, not Brian Doyle;-)  I did the roughs but became intimidated and behind in my regular studies so I declined.  (Big chicken!)  I quit art just after that.

I became a Registered Nurse.  Hated it.  I became a Library and Information Technician and worked for a number of years for Nortel.  (Somebody please put that dieing horse down!)  I was a full-time stay at home mom for 10 years.  No art.

I felt an increasing frustration and great need to express myself somehow.  I would go out with Adventurer and decorate lawn ornamentation in various neighbourhoods under the cloak of darkness.  You know, put a miniature Santa suit on a gnome.  People seemed okay with it as they generally left the ornaments decorated.  We never knew for sure though since we didn't actually know the people.  This worked for a while.  Next I took up piano and learned to read music.  I took to it quite well, but it didn't satisfy the frustration for long.  I took up quilting.  Same result.  I started writing but didn't see that going anywhere.  I took up art and fell in love again.

I think the previous career experiences prepared me well for the art business.  I know anatomy and have no real issues with looking at naked models.  (After you've stuck a thermometer or catheter or your fingers for that matter into peoples orifices, nude models aren't an issue......well, except for the naked Kurt look-a-like;-)

I started drawing with graphite when I was about 40.  I picked up just about every art book on drawing and started studying on my own.  I was afraid to take a course as I didn't believe I had any artistic talent.   I saw a book at the store that had coloured pencil paintings and was amazed that coloured pencils could do that.  As my good friend "Adventurer" said,

"How come my coloured pencils don't do that?"

So I bought a set of Prismacolour Premier artist quality pencils and played around.  I then found Allison Fagan, and took her very informative coloured pencil workshops.  (Well worth the while for anyone local!)  I now knew how to colour, but not to draw well.

I have been taking "Expressive Figure Drawing" classes once a week for the last year and a half at the Ottawa School of Art.  My instructor is Pamela Cockcroft-Lasserre.  She has helped me to loosen up (something coloured pencil artists don't tend to do easily with all of the fine picky details they like to work on.) and be more free with my hand.  I've learned so much from her in such a short time.  She is a truly amazing instructor!

Pamela also teaches an "Expressive Figure Painting" course that I fully intend on taking in the future.  It is my intention and goal to eventually also work with oils as well as pencils. 

I continue to be a voracious reader when it comes to art books and magazines.  I try to speak with artists about their work when I can.  They are a bit secretive I find and sometimes reluctant to give up their knowledge.  At least for free;-)

That's me.


tony said...

A Fine Journey.We (I) Forget That Art is A Trip not a Pit Stop. Keep On Up!

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for the info. I did go through some archives (I think this morning)...and am so impressed by your skill at CP. It was so interesting to read how you finally landed on CP and perfecting it so well.

I didn't start drawing until hmmmm, five or so years ago, never have had a lesson and when I started wasn't sure I could even draw a stick figure so I'm still learning. Problem with me is I don't stick with anything long enough to really learn it. It's so interesting to me to hear how others get into art and if it is a natural talent. Serena is another one I'm in awe of her talent.

thanks again...I think I read where you have four kids, I think. I have four sons, each one gave me a grandchild and now two of them are giving me one each in the spring, a month apart.

(My word verification here is "plygos". So....Your work demonstrates so much "Plygos"..haha. I love the words these word verifications come up with.

emma said...

ohhh nooo..not the naked Kurt again...i had just stopped thinking about that (and wondering..ya know?) and now...

now back to square one.

i miss ole naked Kurt!

Anonymous said...

Oh if I inspire my family,like your father inspired you. He must be so proud of you!
Love your art so much.
Have a great Christmas and thank you for stopping by to say hello!
Lovely to hear from you.



BumbleVee said...

I'm just going to have to continue reading and hopping around to find out more about "naked Kurt"

I was wondering where you lived in Canada... cuz if you were local... I could leave some goodies dangling from your door knob... but, you're at the other end of the country... not the other end of my city.....

have you seen the Chocolate CAke in a Mug recipe? easy peasy.... google it.... it is a quick fix for somebody who loves a bit of chocolate once in a while... although I bake it instead of nuking it... it's a bit rubbery from the microwave...

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

So sad we're not closer!

Yes, it's naked Duncan that looks like Kurt from the OPE blog that no longer exists...well, except for two posts.

The cake in a cup sounds a bit familiar but not something I've done. I'm up for trying just about anything chocolate!

Love your site BumbleVee!

Serena said...

OH, what an interesting read! While I knew bits and pieces, I certainly didn't know the full extent of your journey. I'm so glad you found art again all those years later because we now get the pleasure of seeing your gorgeous work.

Anonymous said...

No wonder there was never any paint left on dad's palette for me to play with. You were taking it all! Perhaps that's why I was never any good with a paint brush!

...but that's okay. I know how to use a blow torch instead. 8D

- Not Yucky at All (aka: The little sister)

Sandy said...

hahah, loved the post from your little sis