Friday, 4 December 2009

Slartibartfast Comes Home

I got my painting back fromt the framer today.  Usually they don't make it to my own wall, but I hang them at La Vieille Alliance or where ever their new home will be.  One of my other paintings just went to it's new home the other day.  I sometimes find myself left with a wall full of naked charcoal people (currently men) taped up with blue painters tape.  Very attractive. 

This time I decided to actually hang the art in my livingroom since we're about to pass through the Christmas season and people may not appreciate their visiting children sharing in my love of the human figure, unclothed, in art.  Plus it's nice to have something a little more "formal" looking than taped up paper.

That's not to say I'll take down my drawings yet.  I just want to be prepared!

I just realized they were up still as "White Mocha's" kids came over for a visit a few minutes ago.  I asked her oldest if White Mocha showed the kids her drawings from Wednesday's "bring a friend" art class.  The child replied:

"She didn't offer to show them and I didn't ask!!!" in a dry comical voice.

Kids are such prudes;-)


Sandy said...

This looks great framed. I am a BIG bug lover and it's marvelous. Had to laugh about taking those naked figures off the wall..haha.

BONNIE K said...

I also love the way it looks framed. As well as the naked men adorning your wall. I am not a prude.

Serena said...

It looks fabulous framed!! Mind you, I think Aaron would freak out if I started drawing naked men or women...come to think of it, my older boys would probably freak out too. Maybe I should pin up a few naked drawings just to see what reaction I would get. lol

Kurt said...

Nude people are gross!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Speak for yourself.

Jennifer Rose said...

meh I am of the opinion its not the kids that are prudes at first, but society that makes them that way