Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm Just Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I quit!

Art....especially art, blogging, cleaning, cooking, baking, banking, chaufeuring, homework supervision, laundry, trying to find matching pairs for 500 single socks and mittens.  Eating, sleeping, dragging half comatose people out of bed in the morning. 

Cleaning rat cages, pulling a humping dog off of everything with four legs at the dog park, spending hours separating goldfish eggs and baby fish from carnivous parents, cleaning and balancing aquarium water, feeding fish, buying fish supplies.

Art....did I mention art?  Art classes, art shows, selling art, other artists, art magazines, art books.  Trying to figure out what makes art art and an artist an artist.  (I have four paintings left, any takers?)  Painting, drawing, sketching, coloured pencils, photographing, seeing, understanding, interpreting.  ART!  

Volunteer work, pizza days, parent council meetings, library trips, field trips, sleepovers.  

Taking out the garbage and making f***ing sure that every scrap is divided into glass, plastic, paper, compost, electronics, lawn and special waste and who the **** knows what other categories they'll come up with

I'm done with t.v. radio, newspapers and the news in general.  The myth of global warming, the scare tactics re: mutant killing flu virus' and the demise of the human population in 2012.  (Oh please!) Politicians, clergy, the population as a whole.  The environment. 

Coffee, coffee shops, drawing in coffee shops, being polite to the ignorant self absorbed people in coffee shops. 

Blogger that keeps screwing up this rant, ranting, reading rants, ranting about rants.  

Spending money, shopping for clothes, food, art supplies, misc. items. Renovations and allergies due to renovations.  Mold, dust and cats.  I hate cats!

I'm done with being polite, politically correct and agreeable in public. 

I'm done with cold weather and winter, cloudy days, freezing rain, rain, snow and shoveling snow.

Nursing, knowing medical stuff. Libraries, books.  Not working and working for no money.  Computers, cell phones and making sure they're charged, video games.

Vitamins, healthy living, vegetables and fruits and low fat poultry and meats.  Anti-depressants for Anxiety disorder that make me depressed and sleepy all the friggin' time.  Annual checkups.

People asking for money, scamming for money, whining about low membership in their organization and lack of dollars then having the nerve to have telemarketers call trying to get me to join.  Wanting me, a stay at home parent with zero salary to pay $80 a year to visit their gallery.  Finding out that the head of said organization reportedly spent $76,000.00 on travel and hospitality expenses last year.  I'm not done with saying BITE ME!

Sucking!  I'm finished with sucking at life.  And don't feed me that line about "I'm a winner because my sperm out of thousands made it" 'cause I'm done with that saying too!

Chocolate.  I'm done with chocolate.  Chocolate bars, cakes, cookies, drinks, mocha coffee,  chocolate chocolate.


Wow!  I feel better now.


Megan said...


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I'm done with being magnificent.

Serena said... least, you're still breathing, right?

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I'm done with breathing too;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you're done with chocolate. Even if it's spelled wrong in the title bar.

I know you too well. There is no end for chocolate. And ending coffee is also wrong.

It sounds like you need a vacation though. :)

- Not very yucky at all.

Kurt said...

I know exactly how you feel. I gave up on New Years 2008, and I feel so much better since I stopped trying/caring.

Jennifer Rose said...

you can't be done with chocolate, it tastes so much better here!

Anonymous said...

On days I feel like this (and you put it so marvelously) I just want to run away and disapear (maybe not forever, but a day or two anyway).


Sandy said...

This was fricken hilarious!!! Loved it immensely.

BumbleVee said...

woohoooo .... this is the perfect time to re-invent YOU !!

Start with letting whovever is sleeping in... sleep in and be late for their own appointed rounds... it worked for me. When I was a kid it was my duty to get my sisters up and make sure they were not late for school...I got damn good and tired of calling them a dozen times. One day I decided I was done with that....they were both VERY late for detention... I got a good licking for letting it happen... dear ol' Dad... and, guess what? They got up the first time I waked them after that.

Anyway... nuff about me.... it's time to sit around for a bit... make some little new plans....and forget trying to do it all. Delegate.... don't bother doing so much ... simplify your life a bit and hey.... don't give up on art or having fun...just get rid of the crap stuff.........oh, and have occasional chocolate... now I'm off to read the followup... hahahha.....