Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Trip To The Dog Park~By Mr. Hunter

Here I am awaiting Perp for my weekly trip to the dog park.  Women!  She always keeps me waiting!
Here I am meeting my new friends.  I don't bother with the bite sized dogs.  They aren't  tall enough for me to "make friends" with.
(click to enlarge and see my scary look!)
Here's my new friend Brody.  He was my favourite 'cause he liked to play piggyback with me all the way around the park during our hour walk.  He liked me to ride on him.
I'm not sure what the words "dominate" and "horny" mean, but I recognized the words "bad dog" and perp didn't seem pleased as she was saying them.
I didn't like this puppy much, but perp was offering to trade another dog  for it.  I wonder who she was talking about.
Stupid cute adoptable puppy was getting all my attention.
Here I am quietly playing with Brody when this great dane comes and sticks his nose into my business.  I was not impressed and I tore after him like a bat out of hell!  I showed my teeth and snapped at him and gave him my very scarriest growls.  He was very afraid.
Here's the great dane running away like a big weenie.  Perp said something about me not being worth the effort for him, but I know it was 'cause he was scared!  I was on the verge of taking that big bad boy down!

I rule the dog park!

P.S.   What does the word "RETARDED" mean?


Kurt said...

This explains why you enjoy OPE so much.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I'll take that as a compliment.

Jennifer Rose said...

aww cute puppies. probably deaf and blind tho, but still cute :)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

No. A third dog, not related to the other two was deaf but these were completely normal. The eyes did look off though, but apparently were fine.

Serena said...


Mrsupole said...

Very cute dogs and the scarey face when enlarged is just too precious. Glad he had a great time and what can one say about the piggy back rides.

God bless.