Friday, 26 March 2010

More On Rats!

Cookie Monster
In my last post Serena commented, "... I've heard rats are very clever...but they seriously know their names?? That's so cool!"  And although I was a wee bit on the grumpy side today, thinking of this lifted my spirits a bit and I thought I'd talk a bit more about rats.

The set of sisters we had previously were Cookie and Peanut.  Each knew their own names respectively and would only come out if you called for them specifically.  One of Four would take them out each evening to watch t.v. or read with her in our big leather chair in the livingroom.  Cookie was the more curious and friendly of the two, anxious to meet any new person to visit the house.  Particularily if they didn't like rats.  This made them both even more eager to visit with the newcomer.

Cookie would stand watch on the arm of the chair.  That was her job.  Peanut was (and still is) the cuddler who just likes so soak up the love and loves to sleep curled up beside you.

Our two new rats, Squeekers and Sugar, learned their names within the first week or so of moving in.  Sugar seemed to learn hers slightly quicker than the other.  Our other two ladies were refined, friendly and quiet from day one.  Our two new rats are silly, hyper, friendly and mischievious!

These two new rats like to play games.  They love to wrestle with your hand, play tag and hide and seek.  First you grab at them while they run away, then you pull back and make scratching sounds on the surface they are on.  Kind of like you'd play with a cat if you like getting scratched up.  They run and hide then turn and pounce on your hand.  You chase again....etc....  They realize it's play and not a threat to them so they don't scratch or bite.

Rats do make a good pet if you can keep them from figuring out how to escape their cages, and they're much better company than many of the people I know.  Probably smarter too;-)


BumbleVee said...

most animals are better company than most people

We used to have hamsters as kids...and my older cousin who was petrified of mice almost dove through the wall the first time we showed them to her. She ran screaming right out of the house. We couldn't figure it out at all...we had never known anybody who was afraid of mice or hamsters... we thought she was weird.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

lol! I know, it's strange to see people so freaked by them, but I used to think rats were creepy until I found out how sociable and lovely they are. It was their tails that I hated. Now I know they are so much better as a pet than other small creatures because they actually like to bo with you.

Serena said...

Great post...never thought I'd be saying this but I do enjoy hearing about these interesting pets. I've always thought of rats as creepy and I think it's mostly because of the 'vermin' status the name conjures up in the mind. There are a couple of other bloggers who I frequent and they are huge rat fans and one attends a Ratfest each year and does rat portraits there. Over time, I have slowly come to see that domesticated rats make wonderful pets although I doubt I could ever own one as a pet. The same goes for cats though because I'm definitely a doggy person ~ :)

Jennifer Rose said...

I think they can make great pets, but wouldn't have one for one reason. Any snakes that I want, eat rats, so having one as a pet is out of the question. I think I would have a problem feeding the snakes something that I also have as a pet :/

I've never really understood why people are scared of rats, they are no worse then having a hamster as a pet when taken care of.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Cats and ferrats are way down on my list of favorites. Dogs are at the top on mine too Serena!

Jennifer Rose, you have snakes? How are they? Do they recognize their significant human?

Jennifer Rose said...

I had 2 snakes in Canada, a ball python and a red tail boa. Easy to take care of, but do need research into their care, as care can be so different with each snake breed. My boa was pretty young, didn't really have a personality yet, but she was pretty docile. The python was pretty laid back, people think that he recognized me, not sure tho. He never tried to strike at me and was visibly calmer when I held him, but hard to say with an animal that can't blink ;) lol

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

lol. I never thought of that. I suppose it would be harder to read them.

My brother-in-law had a boa. When he lived in our neighbourhood, he used to take it for a "walk" in the park and let it slither through the grass. Our neighbour was more than slightly freaked and was glad to see them both move out I'm sure.

Megan said...


Sandy said...

Waving hello, will be back in a few days to catch up on what I've missed.

Sandy said...

I am beginning to like rats, after reading about them. I didn't know it was World Rat day yesterday was it?