Thursday, 25 March 2010

Oh Rats!

If you ever should decide that rats are a good pet for your child then remember to make sure the ones you purchase are stupid.
The ones we bought recently are two very smart rats. They are hyper, friendly and indeed very smart. Yesterday I noticed when I got home from art class that they were not in either of their cages. I'm not sure how they managed to escape, but I found purple nail polish pooled on the floor and splattered up the wall. I'm not sure what other damage may have been done as of yet other than the general disarray they caused.  . Hopefully nothing more than a scattering of rat "nuggets" around the desk on which I found them lounging. I called them each by name and they came out to greet me. Yes, they do know their own names. Thankfully One of Fours bedroom door where they are kept was closed or they may have become doggie treats or even worse, the dog may have become a rattie treat!


Serena said...

YIKES on the mischief! I've heard rats are very clever...but they seriously know their names?? That's so cool!

Megan said...

Oh they are cute. Yeah, I think the dog might need to watch out.

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Lol, this is so hilarious! They must of thought they we're having a whale of time beign free.