Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Expressive Figure Painting ~ Done

The painting classes are done for the semester and although I still have a wee bit of work to complete on this one I can do the rest without the model.  The model liked the work and asked to photograph it and asked if she could post it on her facebook page.  It got me thinking about if it were me in her place would I post it on my blog ?(since I don't do facebook)  Ummmm, NO!  I don't think I'd want everyone seeing me nude.  She's a brave lady.

I asked her if she wanted it and she does so it will have a good home when it's complete as I don't see it hanging on my livingroom wall.  She's such a lovely lady I was happy offer.  She told me no one had ever offered her the art before.  My other two nudes from class (the paintings, not the models) are behind the freezer in my basement.  I suspect from talking to other artists that most art done of nudes end up in basements all over the city.  I'd prefer to get it out there somewhere.  Wouldn't it be funny though if she just put it in her basement?  I suspect that won't happen as she is quite proud of her job and I'm sure she'll want to show it off.  One of the other artists was quite taken with it and also wanted to photograph it so I let him.  Made me feel like a rock star;-)

Hot Chocolate should recognise this model.  He has a chalk version of her from the class he attended with me last semester.


Mike'itect said...

Time was, before the internet, artwork hidden behind basement freezers was hard to sell.

Kurt said...

I can't wait to receive my painting.

Jennifer Rose said...

if i had more space, my life drawings would be on the wall. people all ready think I'm the crazy artist, might as well act like one :p

really nice of you to give her the painting :D